Save the rule of law and welfare from leftish, hippies, proletarians, abortion doctors, elderly with pistols and other rabble coming out to protest and claim freedoms and who knows what else... What an audacity!!!

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about us

We are a subatomic independent game development studio, like the earth in the universe.

Born in Madrid as the idea of two social misfits (a programmer and a designer) with better intentions than ideas or money, but with tons of humor and creativity to provide entertainment and innovation.

Millions of hours of play in our back (despite our mothers) and much less of hard working are the inspiration to bring to you quality video games.

Develop the games we'd like to play and we are sure that you would also.

We're irrigated with caffeine, fertilized with junk food and do photosynthesis with little sleep. Have fun!

Don't be afraid to contact us, we don't bite and our psychologist will thank you deeply.

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